0094: "Omatic III" and "Omatic IV" Discussion

In this, part 2 of "How about all those pieces of music you made called 'Omatic'", we go over Omatic III (2012) and Omatic IV (2013).  The Omatic series moves on from being a brief burst of noise into semi-funky legitimate pieces. 

Omatic III is available on 2012's free album Crap Chute's Lagrange Point (http://stevencogswell.ca/album/crap-chutes-lagrange-point

Omatic IV is available on 2013's Crap Chute's Pinched Loaf (http://stevencogswell.ca/album/crap-chutes-pinched-loaf ) , also on iTunes (https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/crap-chutes-pinched-loaf/id794054757 ) , Apple Music and Spotify (https://open.spotify.com/album/460QPWjpAm0tUhKIjNXQk3 )  

All my music is available from http://stevencogswell.ca, use the code everywhere and get some big ass discount.  

0093: "Omatic" and "Omatic II" Discussion

In a very unoriginal fashion, I have a lot of songs which are thematically related.   In particular I have four pieces with the name "Omatic" which really only have the name in common. 

In this episode we delve into Omatic (2010) and Omatic II (2011). 

Omatic is available for free on my album Crap Chute's Sluice Juice http://stevencogswell.ca/album/crap-chutes-sluice-juice-2012-spatial-edition

Omatic II is also available for free on my album Crap Chute's Something or Other http://stevencogswell.ca/album/crap-chutes-something-or-other

Get all my music from http://stevencogswell.ca, use the code "everywhere" and get an embarrassingly large discount.  Buy the entire discography and put me in the poorhouse. 

0092: Theremin-style iOS Apps

A little tour through a few iOS apps I've bought for when I wanted to have a Theremin-style sound in things.  Also I demonstrate a little bit of Geoshred, which I just bought and figured it cost me enough I should make a show around it to get my money's worth. 

Apps I use in this episode:

Air Melody, seems the original is not in the store anymore, but Air Melody lite is free:  https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/air-melody-lite/id375952908?mt=8

Theremin I/O: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/theremin-i-o/id669456913?mt=8

Bebot: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/bebot-robot-synth/id300309944?mt=8

Geoshred: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/geoshred/id1064769019?mt=8 and Jordan Rudess playing Geoshred, which is what got me interested in it. 

My music (usually without Theremin sounds) is at http://stevencogswell.ca , use the offer code "everywhere" and get 75% off anything that costs money.  

0091: Distributing Music on the Internet

Although this episode is published April 1st 2016, this is not an April Fool episode, because your April Fool joke is neither clever nor funny. 

In a change of pace, this time rather than discussing my music or albums, I talk about methods I've used to distribute music on the internet, with pros and cons of various things I've tried. 

As an incentive to sit through this long and rambling discussion, there's a bonus track at the end of the episode from my early career that's not currently available.  

Special thanks to Audio Hijack for screwing up yet again about thirty minutes into the episode.  

You can get my music from http://stevencogswell.ca, use the code "everywhere" to get some big discount or something on stuff you pay money for.  

Bandcamp:  http://bandcamp.com

Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com and my issues with Soundcloud: http://awtfy.com/2013/02/13/on-soundcloud/

Distrokid: http://distrokid.com

Wordpress: http://wordpress.com

Squarespace for musicians: http://www.squarespace.com/tour/band-websites

0090: The Cheese Wheel

It's another track from my new album Crap Chute's Concentrated.  Turns out not only do I have two songs named after cheese on this album, but I've been naming songs with cheesy titles for years. 

Get this album from http://stevencogswell.ca, use the offer code "everywhere" and get 75% off the purchase price.  Also you can get my entire discography for one low price, which I think is the same price.  Oh well. 

My Night Attack songs are free from http://awtfy.com/nightattack/ 

0089: The Intonation Song

From my new album Crap Chute's Concentrated, here's a look inside The Intonation Song, which is a piece I wrote - coincidentally enough - after spending an evening setting up the intonation on my guitar.  Also there's some discussion of recording MIDI automation to control Wah effects. 

You can get Concentrated from http://stevencogswell.ca .   Use the offer code "everywhere" and get some ridiculous discount if you buy it. 

The Wah Pedal:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wah-wah_pedal

On this album I used a MIDIExpression:  http://www.audiofront.net/MIDIExpression.php but previous I had used one of my own construction http://awtfy.com/2011/05/15/an-arduino-based-midi-wah-controller-for-logic-pro/


0088: New Album "Crap Chute's Concentrated"

New for 2016, I put out a new album Crap Chute's Concentrated, which I really hadn't intended to do but did anyway.  Twenty new tracks, an hour and twenty-four minutes of new music. 

There's a little bit of discussion, but really what you're here for is when I play two new tracks Throttle Body and Paper Clips.  

You can get this album from lots of places, but the best for you is from http://stevencogswell.ca because then you get the super double secret probation bonus track.  Also it's probably cheaper that way. 

Also you can get my entire discography for the same price as buying this album.   That's 331 tracks, more than thirty hours of music.  I'm not kidding. 

I'll go one better, you use the triple secret bonus discount code "everywhere" when you go through the checkout, and you get 75% off.  That makes the whole think like a buck twenty or something.   

You can also get this on iTunes and Apple Music: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/crap-chutes-concentrated/id1071745682

Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/album/0zplKeE3TgDjoXPYeUoSnr

Amazon: https://amzn.com/B01A48AFOS

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Steven_Cogswell_Crap_Chute_s_Concentrated?id=B5m2fosudkayrnqud6oecc2gsqm

0087: Xmas Music in 2015

This is the only new piece of music I've released this year, "Xmas Due to Time Dilation."

At least during the Christmas period you can get it absolutely for free


In other projects, I did make a christmas song for Night Attack, "A Night Attack Christmas"


I talked about my previous years' christmas music in the last episode of this program

I make a lot of music.  You can get all of it from http://stevencogswell.ca , and the music I've made for Night Attack is available from http://awtfy.com.

0086: Xmas Music

I've made several pieces of "xmas" styled music over the years.   In this episode I play all the ones I made from 2009 to 2013.  

You can get all these tracks for free:

"Suxmas" is on Crap Chute's Blast from the Ass: http://stevencogswell.ca/album/crap-chutes-blast-from-the-ass-2013-edition

"AWXMASFY" and "Auld 2010" on Crap Chute's Sluice Juice: http://stevencogswell.ca/album/crap-chutes-sluice-juice-2012-spatial-edition

"XMESSTWOZEROONEONE" is on Crap Chute's Something or Other: http://stevencogswell.ca/album/crap-chutes-something-or-other

"Xmas at the End of the World" is on Crap Chute's Lagrange Point: http://stevencogswell.ca/album/crap-chutes-lagrange-point

"Xmas Inside the Singularity" and "Xmas at the Chandrasekhar Limit" are both on Crap Chute's Pinched Loaf: http://stevencogswell.ca/album/crap-chutes-pinched-loaf

Here's a Youtube Playlist of all these songs. 

Finally, this is the gif I made that more or less started all the xmas music bandwagon: "What about a snuggie with lights that flashed in time to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra?" 

0084: "Arduweeny" discussion

A short podcast about a short piece of music, "Arduweeny" which I originally put together as a joke piece on a long blog post about using debugwire systems with arduino microcontroller boards.  Inadvertently becomes my "most popular" track in terms of plays, but that doesn't mean anyone is interested in it.   Listen to the episode to find out. 

You can get this on the 2012 remaster of my 2010 album Crap Chute's Sluice Juice: http://stevencogswell.ca/album/crap-chutes-sluice-juice-2012-spatial-edition

You can get all my music from http://stevencogswell.ca

A bonus for those that read the show notes.   This short episode was inspired by an episode of Robot or Not that I contributed the opening theme for.  https://www.theincomparable.com/robot/28/index.php

See more podcasts from Jason Snell and The Incomparable at http://thebutter.zone

0083: "Expect the Expected" Discussion

In the previous episode of this program, I talked about You Look Feiss Today. The addendum to the story is that this track Expect the Expected was actually put out before You Look Feiss Today, because the production of the latter was taking so long that I ripped part of it out and made a little jam piece around it.  Also, I eat some chips live during the show. 

You can get this album, Crap Chute's Blast from the Ass, for free: http://stevencogswell.ca/album/crap-chutes-blast-from-the-ass-2013-edition

All my music is available from http://stevencogswell.ca, a lot of it is completely free. 

Contact the show at http://isnotinteresting.com/contact/

0082: "You Look Feiss Today" Discussion

Here's a track I recorded back in 2009, where I purposely attempted to make something out of three distinct themes: 

The theme from You Look Nice Today http://youlooknicetoday.com/

The end credits theme from The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0086856/

She Sells Sanctuary by the Cult https://itun.es/ca/RaSu9?i=1028833873

You can get the album that this track originally appeared on, Crap Chute's Blast from the Ass, for free from http://stevencogswell.ca/album/crap-chutes-blast-from-the-ass-2013-edition

All my music, as always, is available from http://stevencogswell.ca

Bonus content: Ellen Feiss on Benadryl https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2-UuIEOcss

0081: Old and New: "Bubba Complex" (1997) and "Keyless Entry to the Bubba Complex" (2012)

Another installment of "Old and New" in which I play "Bubba Complex" from 1997, recorded on my 4-track analog setup, and "Keyless Entry to the Bubba Complex" from 2012, made with Logic Pro and more software than you can shake a stick at. 

You can get "Keyless Entry to the Bubba Complex" for free on my 2012 album Crap Chute's Lagrange Point: http://stevencogswell.ca/album/crap-chutes-lagrange-point

As usual, all my music is available from http://stevencogswell.ca 

0080: Old and New: "The Neighbours" (1994) and "The New Neighbours" (2009)

In the days before digital audio workstation software like Logic and Garageband I recorded music using an analog 4-track.  This is an example of a piece I made originally in 1994 that I re-made as a new track in 2009. 

You can get "The New Neighbours" from my 2009 album Crap Chute's Blast from the Ass for free from http://stevencogswell.ca/album/crap-chutes-blast-from-the-ass-2013-edition

All my music, including the newest material, is available from http://stevencogswell.ca 

Bonus: The Yamaha RX-15 Drum Machine http://soundprogramming.net/drum-machines/yamaha/yamaha-rx15/

0079: "Mein Waffle" Discussion

In 2008, when I was just futzing around with Garageband and not doing that much music or publishing music on the internet, I fussed around with a vocal sample from the You Look Nice Today podcast.  In 2010 I fleshed the starter piece out into a full-fledged music release.  In this episode I go through the 2012 remaster of "Mein Waffle" and we get to hear "boop boop" a lot. 

The You Look Nice Today episode that was the genesis of this is http://youlooknicetoday.com/episode/aunt-nancy .  They nicely cut the "boop" segment out as http://youlooknicetoday.com/blog/scottsimpson/a-ringtone-tragedy and you can hear some things created by other people using that sample. 

You can get "Mein Waffle" for free at http://stevencogswell.ca/track/mein-waffle , but really you should just get the whole album "Crap Chute's Sluice Juice" for free instead: http://stevencogswell.ca/album/crap-chutes-sluice-juice-2012-spatial-edition

All my music is available from http://stevencogswell.ca

0078: "Night Attack Country Song" Discussion

Once upon a time I wrote a song around some audio I clipped from the show Night Attack.  I did a lot of massaging of the audio to try and turn it into a normal sounding song.  I play some comparisons pre- and post-adjustment of vocals and show how they get put together into a final song. 

This song, and other things I made for Night Attack, are available from http://awtfy.com/country

My song was played on Night Attack episode 62, http://nightattack.tv/episode/62 at about the ten minute mark.  

Brusselbury's alternative version is at https://soundcloud.com/brusselbury/mc-allergy-dont-serve

My regular music is available from http://stevencogswell.ca. Lots of it is free, and the music that's not free is cheap. 

0076: Real-time Guitar Effects

In this episode, we take a mediocre tour through recording my guitar into Logic using the real-time guitar effect processors. 

I get out the guitar and go through some presets and discussion for:

Even though I keep referring to Native Instruments as "National Instruments" 

My music is availalbe from http://stevencogswell.ca

0075: Starbase 66 Musical Pieces

The podcast Starbase 66 recently finished it's momentous run.  In an earlier episode I talked about the various theme music bits I'd made for Starbase 66. 

In this episode, I go over the full-fledged musical pieces I wrote based around themes I'd made for Starbase 66.  

This episode includes:

As usual, all my music is available from http://stevencogswell.ca